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Issue Summary

For local governments, financing is a critical issue ro support infrastructure and programs that ensure environmental compliance and protection. The resources below provide information on programs, publications, and organizations that can assist local governments.


Tools and Resources for Environmental Finance.

Environmental Education (EE) Grants: Under this program, EPA seeks grant proposals from eligible applicants to support environmental education projects that promote environmental awareness and stewardship and help provide people with the skills to take responsible actions to protect the environment.

Environmental Information Exchange Network: This internet-based system used by state, tribal, and territorial partners is used to securely share environmental and health information with one another and EPA.

Environmental Justice: Find information about environmental justice grants and cooperative agreements, programs, and other potential grant resources.

National Clean Diesel Campaign: Funding sources building diesel engine emission reduction programs across the country to improve air quality and protect public health.

ICMA Webinar: “How to Pay: Challenges and Solutions of Environmental Protection”: Hear information on the ins and outs of financing environmental systems, modifying rates, capital investment, asset replacement, and other fundamental financial management decisions. Learn about various options and obtain practical resources to improve public health by ensuring that your community has sound financing plans to pay for environmental infrastructure.

EPA Water Infrastructure and Resiliency Finance Center. EPA resource compiling funding and grant opportunities, affordability programs, technical assistance programs, and financial planning tools for water and wastewater systems.

Environmental Justice Grants, Funding and Technical Assistance. A compendium of EPA grant programs specifically targeted at EJ communities. Includes funding for projects seeking to increase public health, remove existing sources of harmful pollution, and increase public participation in local decision-making in EJ communities.

EPA Finances and Beyond. PowerPoint Presentation introduction to the different financial programs and grants available to municipal governments. Lists useful financial tools developed by EPA and nonprofits and introduces EPA programs including the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (Clean Water SRF) and the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA).


EPA Integrated Planning Technical Assistance. EPA and EFC provide stormwater and wastewater utilities with direct guidance on Element 4 (Development, Evaluation, and Selection of Preferred Alternatives) of the Integrated Municipal Stormwater and Wastewater Planning Framework.

Financing for Environmental Compliance. Walks through an eight-step planning process communities can use in determining their capital asset, technical, and financial needs and in finding available funding resources to meet their compliance goals.

Organizations/Non-government Programs

U.S. Water Alliance. Non-profit organization focused on convening stakeholders, including public utilities, business leaders, and communities, to improve water stewardship across the country. Provides frequently updated water news, technical training webinars, and publications on innovations in water policy. This organization also leads the Water Equity Network, which is dedicated to connecting teams of water managers to facilitate mentorship and improve equity for vulnerable groups in water management.

Drinking Water

Drinking Water State Revolving Fund. EPA awards grants to states to establish revolving loan funds to assist public water systems with infrastructure improvements.  The program also allows states to reserve a portion of their grant to fund activities needed for source water protection and enhanced water systems management.

  • Background Information. A slide deck providing details about the fund's regulatory history and function as well as how to determine which communities and projects are eligible for consideration.


Local Government Stormwater Financing Manual. This manual was written for local government leaders to provide a foundation for local officials to move beyond public financing options alone and focus on leadership and the ability to move communities towards effective action through policies and programs.

Guidance for Combined Sewer Overflow Funding Options.


Targeted Watersheds Grant Program


Wetland Program Development Grants - Funding History

5 Star Wetland and Urban Waters Restoration Grants

Wetland Program Development Grants (WPDG) Guidelines - specifics on eligibility, requirements, and priorities for the Wetlands Program Development Grants. [US EPA Headquarters and Regional Offices]

Wetland Program Development Grant (WPDG) Case Studies This document highlights successful use of WPDGs in building one or more elements of a wetlands protection program and serves as an example to others who are striving to develop comprehensive programs.

Energy Star

State Energy Program. Provides funding to states to design and carry out their own energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.

Department of Energy Financing Solutions and Incentives. DOE provides useful resources for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for the home, business, industry, utilities, and government.

Weatherization Assistance Program. Provides information on grant money available to states, which states can, in turn, award to local agencies to perform weatherization services

Green Building

EPA Green Building Funding Opportunities. Numerous sources of funding for green building are available at the national, state and local levels for homeowners, industry, government organizations and nonprofits.

Community Development Block Grant Program. A Department of Housing and Urban Development program that awards money to local governments to develop and preserve decent affordable housing. Program funding may be used for improving environmental health and resident safety. Offers helpful guides, online toolkits, and webinars to communities seeking to institute community development. Grants may also be awarded to local governments through their state program.

Smart Growth

Grants and Funding. Find out about financial assistance available to organizations and communities.