Local governments may be responsible for constructing and maintaining roads, bridges, tunnels, and buildings. Construction and maintenance activities are essential to providing infrastructure for transportation, administration, and in some cases, housing. Construction and maintenance include constructing and maintaining roads, bridges and tunnels, and constructing, maintaining, renovating, and demolishing buildings.

These activities have the potential to impact the environment, and may be regulated under U.S. environmental regulations. Construction of new roads, bridges, or tunnels generally involves clearing land, constructing the new structure, and disposing of construction waste. Maintenance and renovation of roads, bridges or tunnels may include street sweeping, maintenance of storm sewers, snow removal, and lead-based paint removal and disposal. Traffic management includes designing roads and bridges, access points, and traffic signals. Each of these activities is regulated under a section of EPA environmental regulations.

LGEAN resources most applicable to roads include:

Additional resources (exit LGEAN):

  • Construction Industry Compliance Assistance Center. Provides extensive information on environmental rules relating to various types of construction projects. Covers both federal and state regulations.

  • Deicing. Provides a summary of issues covering storage, application of highway deicing chemicals and alternatives. Provides links to best management practices. Also covers airport/aircraft deicing.

  • Watersheds. Provides a summary of issues relating to watershed protection/restoration, which is accomplished through efforts at various levels including EPA, state agencies, local agencies and private organizations.

  • Stormwater. Provides a summary of issues including MS4 and construction rules. Also provides links to numerous useful websites and documents.