Vehicle/Equipment MaintenanceVehicle

Local governments are responsible for operating, maintaining and purchasing motor vehicles and equipment to perform government services. Vehicles used range from school busses, fire engines, snow plows, and heavy construction equipment to automobiles used by building inspectors, police departments, and government officials. Equipment may include items such as pumps, tools, and boilers. Local government fleet operations include vehicle repair shops, fueling stations, and purchasing operations.

Vehicle repair shops conduct several activities that have the potential to impact the environment and are regulated under U.S. environmental laws and regulations. These activities include changing fluids such as oil and antifreeze, washing parts, maintaining batteries, repairing air conditioners, washing vehicles and shop floors, repairing and replacing exhaust systems, painting vehicle bodies, and storing materials outdoors. Most of these activities may be regulated both under the hazardous waste or used oil provisions of RCRA, and the NPDES, pretreatment, or storm water provisions of the CWA, while some are regulated under the CAA.

LGEAN resources most applicable to vehicle/equipment maintenance include:

  • Hazardous Waste. Many local governments must deal with hazardous wastes both as a hazardous generator and as the responsible entity for protecting landfills and other municipal solid waste collection/disposal operations from hazardous waste disposal. Use this resource to learn more about federal and state rules.

Additional resources (exit LGEAN):

  • ECAR Center. This is a unique resource. It provides state by state summaries of regulations covering wastes generated by auto maintenance and recycling.

  • RCRA/Hazardous Waste Resource Locator. The rules for managing hazardous waste can vary from state to state. Find your state's regulations, along with permit forms, guidance, contact information and other helpful resources. Deviations from federal regulations are highlighted.

  • RCRA in Focus: Vehicle Maintenance. RCRA in Focus provides an overview of the basic federal regulations covering wastes that are likely to be hazardous in your business. It also provides recycling and pollution prevention options to help businesses decrease the amount of hazardous waste they produce.

  • Consolidated Screening Checklist for Fleet Maintenance Facilities Guidebook. The consolidated screening checklist and guidebook is a tool to help you evaluate compliance at your fleet maintenance and repair shop.

  • Auto Repair and Fleet Maintenance Pollution Prevention. Fact sheets provide environmental, technical and economic evaluations of the top Pollution Prevention "fixes" for auto repair and fleet maintenance operations.